How to make Souvla by Nick Lazarides The traditional and arguably one of the most popular dishes in Cyprus. Perfect for [...]

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Harvesting Grapes

Grape Harvest by Franco Scovenna

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One of the best Cypriot dishes is made in this

Fourni by Sotiris Georghiou Fourni (Oven) is traditional oven made for baking bread, [...]

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Soutzioukkos by Andreas Michaelou Traditional sweet of Cyprus made out of boiled grape [...]

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Kala Kathoumena Coffee Shop

Kala Kathoumena by Sofia Andreade One of the oldest traditional cafes of Nicosia, [...]

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Flaouna – It’s almost easter

Flaouna by Ivy Liacopoulou Flaouna - Pastry stuffed with cheese and halloumi, traditionally [...]

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Tasties Cafe in Lefkara

Tasties Cafe at Lefkara by Petros Nicolaou

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Sheftalia in Pitta

Sheftalia in pitta by Taylor McConnell Sheftalia in Pitta So who's hungry? Sheftalia is [...]

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Morning coffee at Asgata

Morning Coffee at Asgata by Carl TaylorMorning Coffee at Asgata

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Souvlaki on stick

Souvlaki on a stick Comments?

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