Paphos Harbour Pelican

Paphos Harbour Pelican – Taken on 4th January 2013 by Keith Smith

A pelican even though not an indigenous species of Cyprus has become Paphos harbour’s mascot and attraction. His story begun in 1967 when the pelican was found outside the restaurant “Aphrodite” in a bad shape, probably after a failed migration attempt. He was taken care of and once he regained his strength he was let to follow his migratory path. The pelican who was given the name ‘Kokos’ by the locals refused and has ever since become a resident of the area. By 1969 his popularity grew so much that the restaurant owner had to change the name of his restaurant to ‘Pelican’. Unfortunately though Kokos’s luck didn’t last for long, in 1972 he was run over by a bus and died. In 1974 the restaurant was completely destroyed by the Turkish air force bombings but in 1975 it was rebuilt and reopened for customers. In 2004, the owners of the restaurant managed to import a pelican from Africa to replace ‘Kokos’. The new pelican took up the job and has been entertaining tourists ever since.